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These are some of the companies that have already placed their trust in Inverso Traducciones:


Very professional. They are fast, serious and meet deadlines. We are currently working with them for translations into English, Catalan, Basque, French, Portuguese, German and Italian. For us it is very important to translate the idea or concept of our texts, since our clients need to understand the functionality of our product, and many times the simple translation of the text is not enough. INVERSO gives us that peace of mind.

Rafa Vazquez. Marketing Department of Juguetes Falomir, SA

From the office we are very happy with Inverso Traducciones. They are always on time with deliveries. They respect and adapt to our times and deadlines, which is not always easy. The translations, very correct. We will continue to count on your services.

Rebecca Tombelle

Bezanilla y Renedo, Associate Attorneys

Working with Inverso Traducciones is always a guarantee of professionalism. Their quick response and good service make our work in the world of export easier.

Olalla Alonso placeholder image

Vitrinor Export Department, SAL

Inverso is an excellent translation agency. The payment is always on time, the rates are good, the instructions are clear, and the projects are really interesting. I have worked with Luz and Ana and they have both been very attentive and professional. I would definitely work with them again!

Tim Oetjen

French Translator

Working with the Inverso girls is always a pleasure: good communication, efficiency and taking care of the little details. Always ready to help and facilitate the work. It is a pleasure!

Claudia Torralba Rubinos

Basque translator


Why choose Inverso

Years of experience

Work, reflection and continuous training, which make our knowledge of languages and the sector of great asset.

On-time delivery

We meet deadlines and quotes. No surprises.

Personalized service

Communication is easy and fluid. Tell us what you need and we will get back to you quickly.

You can rely on the excellent quality of all our translation work.

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