Hand in hand with the best professionals in each language combination and adapting to each circumstance. Interpretation in the booth, liaison, consecutive and also on-line.



Professionalism, talent, flexibility. We only work with native translators and specialized proofreaders.


• Technical and technological translation

• Legal and financial translation

• Medical and health translation

• Translation for public administration

Sworn translations

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, court decisions, death certificates, notarial deeds, articles of incorporation, commercial certificates, criminal records, licenses, contracts, driver’s licenses, declarations, invoice reports, and much more.


We use the latest technology to prepare terminological glossaries for each client. In this way, we not only manage to specialize in the field of each client, but we also reduce the costs of future translations


Do you have translations or texts that you have prepared yourself and need a professional proofreading before publishing them? Contact us and you will have your project ready and perfectly proofread in no time.

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